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The following review was written by John Martino and prepared by the marketing department of Chesapeake Bay Magazine. Mr. Martino is the founder and president of Annapolis Yacht Management and Annapolis School of Seamanship. He develops and teaches hands-on training courses for recreational boaters and professional mariners, and offers yacht delivery and onboard training services for powerboaters as well as sailors.

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It seems that no matter who you ask, the biggest complaint among sailors is not having enough time to get out on the water. As it becomes harder to find time to go sailing, it gets more difficult to justify the expense of owning and maintaining a cruising sailboat – especially when you compare the cost of a new boat to the amount of time you actually go sailing.

A boat that just sits at the dock isn’t just bad news for the owner; it’s bad for the boat as well. As a professional captain and yacht manager, I know I’m in for some surprises -- and a lot of extra work -- when I get on a boat that has been sitting a long time without being used.

Whether you’re concerned about getting value out of your investment or making sure your boat gets enough exercise, a managed charter program makes a lot of sense. There are a number of different companies that offer a program to buy a new boat and put it in to charter. Bavaria Yachts and Horizon Yacht Charters have teamed up to offer a package that lets your boat work for you when you are not able to go out and enjoy it.

As the owner of the boat, you would net the bulk of the profits from the charters. Depending on the location and model of your vessel, the income generated by the Charter Ownership program will generally defray most of the costs of ownership, including dockage, insurance, maintenance and annual haul-out. There are also opportunities for owners to participate in a guaranteed program where all of their operating costs for the season would be covered by Horizon Yacht Charters. Even though the revenue from charter may not carry the total expense of owning a new cruising sailboat, keeping the boat moving and professionally maintained is a big advantage to a busy owner.

The Charter Ownership program has several different levels and opportunities. At the time of writing, they offered a new fully-loaded three-cabin, three-head Bavaria 45 with 100% of operating costs covered for the 2012 and 2013 seasons. The Bavaria 45 was named Sail Magazine’s “Best Cruising Monohull Under 50 feet” for 2012. The vessel is also equipped with plenty of optional equipment at no added cost to the buyer. Owners are guaranteed two weeks of their own use as well as any additional time that hasn’t already been booked for charter. The 45 will be available at the Annapolis Sailboat Show this October for $319,908.

The program is also offering a used Bavaria 36, which has been in charter service since June 2011 and professionally maintained by Bavaria Yachts and Horizon Yacht Charters. Offered for $210,134, this boat includes $23,350 of additional options at no additional charge. This boat comes with all operating costs covered for the 2012 and 2013 charter seasons, including dockage, maintenance, insurance premiums, turnaround costs, winterization costs and winter storage between seasons. For more current information on program detail, pricing and availability, contact Bavaria Yachts.