John page williams
The following review was written by John Page Williams, Editor-at-large, Chesapeake Bay Magazine. John, senior naturalist for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, has been a regular contributor to Chesapeake Bay Magazine for 30 years, specializing in environmental issues, nature, wildlife, fishing and boats. He has been testing new and used boats for the magazine's Time-Tested and New Boat News departments since 1998.
HP at prop  150
Cylinders  4 inline
Gear Ratio 1.92:1 
Weight  450 lbs dry
Displacement 183 L
Fuel 87 octane gasoline, up to 10% ethanol 
Base Price $12,980

Competition among outboards in the broadly popular 150-hp class just got stiffer. Mercury has introduced a versatile new naturally aspirated 150-hp outboard--the lightest in its power class (455 lb.) while offering the highest piston displacement (3.0 liters). It also has a host of easy- or low-maintenance features, like an oil drain hose for changing. As light as it is, the engine should work well on 19- to 22-foot fishing skiffs and runabouts, but its large displacement should give it the raw shove to move heavier boats well. Mercury will make counter-rotating models available for twin-engine applications. Factory tests show the new engine to be quick, quiet and efficient. List prices are $12,980 for a 20-inch shaft (L) and $13,060 for a 25-inch shaft (XL). Watch for this engine in upcoming CBM sea trials.