John page williams
The following review was written by John Page Williams, Editor-at-large, Chesapeake Bay Magazine. John, senior naturalist for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, has been a regular contributor to Chesapeake Bay Magazine for 30 years, specializing in environmental issues, nature, wildlife, fishing and boats. He has been testing new and used boats for the magazine's Time-Tested and New Boat News departments since 1998.
Sundance SV 205
Length overall  20' 5"
Draft  12" 
Deadrise  17 degrees
Weight1,850 lb
Fuel 45 gals/ Water11 gals
Rec. power  150 hp
Base Price  $28,900

The new SV205 from Sundance is a nicely finished skiff with slightly higher sides than others in its class and a 17-degree deadrise at the transom that tapers to a sharp entry. If you rig this bay boat carefully and learn its sweet spots under way, it will safely handle anything.
In our sea trial the 205 popped onto plane quickly and easily, running on its Air Keel Step, which extends along the centerline from beneath the console back to the transom. A pair of longitudinal strakes add lift and work as initial spray deflectors. Reverse chines and accent lines on the topsides finish the job. A Yamaha F150 four-stroke powered the test boat. This quiet, economical engine is strong enough to drive the SV205 to within a whisker of 50 mph at 5800 rpm, with the most efficient cruise in the mid-20s (3000–3500 rpm, burning 4 to 5.5 gph). Realistically, that top speed is seldom obtainable in choppy waters, making the lower-cost Yamaha F115 an economical choice that will easily maintain cruising speeds and top out at around 40 mph.

One situation does favor the larger engine: If you fill both bait wells (32- and 36-quart) and the 48-quart release well with water and fish, load the swing-back cooler seat at the helm with ice, add a couple of large friends, you'll appreciate the F150's shove. There's plenty of space on the bow and stern decks to fish three with spin and plug rods, and room for two with fly rods. Sundance Boats, Blackshear, Ga; 912-449-0033;