The following review was written by the editorial department of Chesapeake Bay Magazine.

Cobra Marine has introduced a pair of waterproof handheld VHF radios that float if dropped overboard. Both the MR HH330 FLT ($130) and the Bluetooth-equipped MR HH475 FLT BT ($180) boast 6 watts of transmit power and feature a microphone that filters out background noise. A "burp" feature vibrates water out of the speaker grill for improved communication in extreme conditions. The higher-priced model allows users to make cell phone calls through the VHF and includes a rewind-say-again feature that replays up to 20 seconds of a previous transmission. Both models come with a lithium-ion battery and a charger with AC/DC adapters. Cobra Marine; 773-889-8870;

June 2010