The following review was written by the editorial department of Chesapeake Bay Magazine.

In aiding the continuing quest to add accessories to a boat without having to drill holes in the fiberglass, SeaSucker has developed a vacuum mount system that allows boaters to attach most anything to a boat without drilling a single hole. Instead, screw anything from cupholders, electronics mounts, rod holders, to winch pockets or even grills directly into the SeaSucker’s stainless steel backs, then use the built-in vacuum pump to attach the sucker to fiberglass and other nonporous surfaces. They will hold when wet, dry or even underwater, yet release with a simple pull of the release tab. A 41/2-inch sucker ($47.99) is rated to 120 pounds, and the 6-inch model ($67.99) up to 210 pounds. You can buy a stand-alone sucker to mount your current equipment, or order a wide variety of products already mounted to the device. SeaSucker, 941-586-2664;

April 2010