In need of a break from a cold and slow journey, senior editor Jody Argo Schroath finds a warm welcome at Fairview Marina on Pasadena, Md.’s Rock Creek.

by Jody Argo Schroath

It was cold . . . wicked cold . . . as my friend James and I emerged from the Sassafras River to find 15 to 20 knots of snarling north wind chasing a flock of low-lying clouds down the Bay. Our standard-issue summer shorts and T-shirts were suddenly wildly inappropriate. Even with the wind at our backs, as we turned south and set our sails for a broad reach, we shivered. After nearly six months of 80-plus temperatures, we were ill-prepared for this abrupt October change of season. As we passed Pooles Island, the wind turned gusty, and our progress became so slow that it was late afternoon when we finally turned up the Patapsco River. The wind, now on our nose, became steady too late, so we slipped into the mouth of Old Road Bay to drop our sails before motoring the rest of the way to our destination, Fairview Marina on Rock Creek. 

Oh, what a welcome sight it was! We nipped across the Patapsco, passed White Rocks, and followed the markers through the creek entrance—the work of a few minutes—and there, like Camelot, lay Fairview Marina directly to our left, just beyond Maryland Yacht Club. We turned up Wall Cove and found our spot along the dock, which led into a large white Quonset hut that positively gleamed in the late afternoon sun. It was huge and had clearly been recently redone. Half-an-hour later, as I walked with docks, I could see that they too—even the covered docks—were recently redone.

The marina and its Quonset hut have been around for more than half a century, but the facility has bloomed under the ownership of Marc and Kim Kahan and their family. The Kahans bought the old Rogers Marina in 1994 and have turned that landmark facility into a modern, highly regarded home for its slipholders. I knew all this well before James and I had pulled up to the dock, because I’d listened to friends brag about Fairview for years, urging me to try it for myself. Those friends now live in the southern Bay, but still stop by Fairview when they are passing through.

Walking the grounds with Marc and Kim’s son Jake that afternoon, and again the next morning with Marc, I couldn’t argue with their assessment. Before buying the marina, Marc made a name for himself doing fiberglass and boat restoration for various local businesses. And repair work and restoration are still very much a part of the marina. The slips and bulkheads, Jake confirmed, had been replaced since Isabel made a mess of things—though not the boats—a decade ago. And there’s a new bath and shower facility, a pool that overlooks Rock Creek, a playground for kids and several picnic areas for the adults. Though there are no restaurants or shops within easy walking distance, there are a couple of restaurants within easy dinghy distance. Fuel is available at Maryland Yacht Club next door. Marc and Kim also live at the marina, so help is always available. 

James and I opted to stay aboard rather than venture out into the cold night in search of food, and the next morning we motored out Rock Creek and into the Patapsco, before turning south for Annapolis. Fairview Marina was great, but I can’t say anything good about the weather. 

Fairview Marina
Pasadena, Md.
Fuel: Nearby
Depth: 10 ft
Power: 30/50 amp
WiFi: Yes
Repairs: Yes
Pump-out: Yes

[4.13 issue]