Podickory Point Yacht & Beach Club
2116 Bayfront Terrace, Annapolis MD

A spectacular view of the Bay provides a breathtaking background for activities from dinner dances to family crabfeasts. Club members enjoy a private beach, tennis, two pools, a PWC Hoist, Windsurf/Beachcat launch, and a sports/picnic area. The bright, cozy Bayside clubhouse with catering area is perfect for weddings. Social and  swimclub memberships are offered. This entire facility has been upgraded inside and out.

Dockage $1.50/ft., 5.5' MLW
Utilities 30/50 Amp, water, electricity, Cable TV, laundry
Fuel Nearby
Restaurants Nearby 
Payment MC, VISA, Discover 
Special Beach, clubhouse,  social membership, tennis,  2 pools, Bayfront banquet room w/catering area
Shopping nearby