Kentmorr Restaurant, Kent Island

Kent Island's Kentmorr Restaurant
Delivers Good Food, Great Bay Views
and a Fun Family Atmosphere.

By Ann Levelle, December 2007

It was a gorgeous September Sunday, perfect for an adventure with my husband John and our friends Emily and Chris. A little sailing, for sure, but with a goal--let's see if we can get over to the shore for some Bay-side dining too. John called Kentmorr Restaurant and Marina to check on their channel depth and whether our four-foot draft would let us into their basin. "No problem," we were told, Kentmorr's channel and basin had been dredged to a full five feet and the marina manager would be quite surprised if we ran into trouble.

As we sailed into the shallow waters near Kent Island's shore, we pinpointed Kentmorr easily, thanks to its rock jetties and beach, dropped our sails and headed in cautiously. We made it into the channel without incident, and soon an eager dockhand was waving us over to the bulkhead to tie up.Thump. . . easier said than done. With only two feet to go to the bulkhead, we were on the bottom (good news, though, it was low tide.) John powered us off the bottom and back into the center of the channel. We were told to head into the marina and grab a slip just past the other sailboat on the north side of the basin.

After tying up, we headed toward the restaurant. The hostess said they were clearing an outside table and it would be ready in a few minutes. So we strolled out to the large wooden patio by the beach and found a band playing Jimmy Buffet tunes, kids playing beach volleyball and families happily eating at picnic tables with great views of the Bay.

After our walk, we found the pleasant young hostess waiting to show us to our table. It was far from the band, but not so far that we couldn't enjoy the happy summertime ambience of a sunny Sunday afternoon with cold drinks and live music playing in the background. But beach volleyball would have to wait; it had been a good morning of sailing and we were definitely ready for some food. We quickly ordered garlic shrimp with fresh bread and wakame scallops to tide us over. The shrimp, despite being served in a bath of garlic and olive oil, were a bit lacking in flavor, but the scallops were delicious, seared in sesame seeds and panko bread crumbs and served with seaweed salad, wasabi cream sauce and a hoisin dip. John also ordered cream of crab soup, which was some of the best I've had on the Bay.

Although perfectly content to while away the afternoon over a few beers and good conversation, someone finally suggested that we order. The menu choices seemed endless--plenty of sandwiches (including a homemade shrimp salad that sounded tempting), half-pound burgers, ribs, steamed crabs, steamed shrimp and a wide selection of seafood entrees that could be ordered grilled, broiled, stuffed, blackened and even served with a side of soft crabs. I finally opted for fish and chips (a favorite of mine) which came out slightly oily and a bit too breaded, but flavorful nonetheless. John's blackened mahimahi was excellent, he said--so excellent, in fact, that he wouldn't let me try more than a morsel (which I agreed was quite good). Chris's rib eye was tasty as well, and Emily's crabcakes (touted on the menu as award-winning) were fluffy and chockful of crab. While we ate, we enjoyed watching small planes coming in for a landing next door at Kentmorr Airpark and watching families come and go in their boats.

Stuffed and happy from our dockside feast, it was time to hit the Bay again. On our way out of Kentmorr's basin, we waved goodbye to a couple of children running about on the grassy area along the bulkhead. The tide had risen considerably and there was now plenty of water under our keel to carry us back to the Bay for part two of our fine Sunday sail.
Kentmorr Restaurant is located on Kent Island at 910 Kentmorr Rd., in Stevensville, Md. Via the Bay, it's five miles south of the Bay Bridge and a little over a mile south of red "88". Open Sunday-Saturday 11:30 a.m.-9 p.m. Appetizers $5.99-$11.99; sandwiches $6.99-$13.99; entrees $11.50-$26.99. Major credit cards accepted. 410-643-2263;

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