FORMAT: PDF is the preferred file format for furnished completed ads, all fonts embedded, all CMYK.

ILLUSTRATOR IMAGES, LOGOS, ART-VERY IMPORTANT! Convert everything to CMYK. Convert all type to outlines.

IMAGES: OK to use jpeg, tiff or eps; CMYK.

RESOLUTION: 300 dpi. Please note: Web images are 72 dpi. This is not print quality resolution and their use is not recommended.

PROOFS: Please send an actual size proof of your file, color proof for color ads. We cannot be responsible for correctness of an ad if we do not have a color proof.For ads that are emailed or FTPed please drop a color proof (laser OK) in the mail, attn: Pat Pasley.

FULL-PAGE CROPS: On full-page ads please create a document that is 7 7/8 X 10 3/4. For full bleeds extend 1/8" all sides. See below for special full page sizes for boat show programs, inserts and our guides.




FTP SITE: Please contact us for FTP protocols if you have files too large to email.

If you have any questions please call Pat Pasley at (410) 263-2662 ext. 14 or email