Issue: December 2000
Seal the Deal

Maritime artist Greg Kurtz makes his mark on Sequoia.


    Gregg Kurtz has had some delicate assignments in his career as a maritime artist, but nothing that made his hands quiver (well, if they did quiver) like the Sequoia. The Newport News-based craftsman, whose biz specializes in detailed painting and name boards for boats, was tapped to paint the presidential seals for the 104-foot Trumpy-designed beauty by the boat’s newest owner, Washington, D.C.-based attorney Gary Silversmith. “I was honored to be part of the project,” says Kurtz.

    Sequoia-the former presidential yacht that was sold by Jimmy Carter in 1977-is back in the District, Coast Guard certified and available for charters. (An extra presidential touch: the actual president, Bill Clinton, watched this season’s third and final presidential debate aboard Sequoia.) For charter information, call 202-337-7300 or 800-962-0848.