Issue: December 2000
Wisconsin on the Bay


Nauticus is closing down and sprucing up its newest display: U.S.S. Wisconsin.


    The battleship U.S.S. Wisconsin is hanging up its turrets on Dec. 7 and retiring to the Nauticus museum and maritime center in Norfolk. That’s good news to potential high-seas enemies, and even better news to naval history buffs-the ship will be open for public tours starting Apr. 16.

     Meanwhile, an extensive renovation should prepare the Wisconsin for her coming-out party. The decks are being spit-shined and several exhibits will be built, illuminating the ship and her former place in the U.S. Navy’s fleet. (Nauticus will be closed to the general public from Jan. 2 through Mar. 30, to accommodate the ship’s installation.)

    In spite of her permanent-looking digs, though, the Wisconsin remains a reserve ship. Should the Navy require extra firepower during an armed conflict, the Wisconsin could be pressed into action at the drop of a gauntlet. Don’t worry: They’ll let you off first.

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