Issue: November 2000
Financial Freedom afloat

Financial Freedom afloat - by Charles Tuller 244 pages, $19.95Seaworthy Publications, Port Washington, Wis.


    After flipping through this utilitarian tome, the average Bay cruiser is likely to find his head spinning with thoughts such as, “Hmm, maybe I can just quit my job, cruise the Bay full time and pay my way as a maritime jewelry maker.” Tuller explains how it can, indeed, be done. Virtually anyone can finance a career in cruising, he says, using either skills he or she already possesses or skills purposefully gained for such an endeavor.

    Topics covered include how you might “write” your way around the Bay-or the world-crafting articles and books about your adventures along the way, or how real-life cruisers have maintained their incomes through teaching English in foreign lands, repairing sails and canvas, and even managing tropical resorts.