Issue: October 2000
Bad-B-Gone: Glowing Reviews

Some boaters in Hampton Roads are taking more chances swimming among the jellyfish these days. That’s because they’re armed with Chesapeake Bay Glow, a mixture of aloe, chamomile, avocado, violet, apricot and other natural ingredients in a spray-pump bottle. According to its promoter, Bill DuBosky (otherwise known as “Beach Bill” due to his habitual combing of the Lynnhaven shoreline), the panacea product helps to “repel mosquitoes, sooth jellyfish stings, sunburn, burns and helps kill ants.”

Bill, we were with ya right up to the “ants” thing. What do you do, hit them with the bottle?

Eight ounces of the stuff costs $12. For more information, call DuBosky at 757-496-6699.