Issue: October 2000
Bugging Out of the Boat Shows

So you think you’re going to go postal if just one more boat show bunny slaps a sticker on you and tells you to take off your shoes and get in line? There’s only one thing to do: Beat feet.

    Perhaps we’re suffering a fleeting insanity brought on by styrene emissions, but we have a novel suggestion when you visit the boat shows in Annapolis this month: Run away.

    We know, we know. You’ve dug out your least offensive pair of Topsiders so you can remove them, repeatedly, without violating the Clean Air Act. You’ve polished your best polarized shades so you can maneuver without fear of careening off the docks, staggered by gelcoat blindness. You’ve brought your hip-waders in case of hurricane and sunblock in case of heatwave. You are all set . . . and then, somewhere between the pressure cooker-demonstration and the rubber dinghy that flies, it happens. Boat Show Overload.

    Here are three places close aboard where you can go-by boat, car or foot-to regain your equilibrium and live to walk the docks again. And don’t feel guilty, don’t be ashamed. Some of us who live and work in Annapolis have been practicing the fine art of getting the hell out of Dodge for years now. It sure beats trying to find a parking place.