Issue: September 2000
Chesapeake Charmers

     With summer fast burnishing into fall and prospects of the winter doldrums looming, now’s the time to schedule a Chesapeake Bay Magazine sponsored program to liven up your off-season club meetings or other social gatherings. CBM founders Dick and Dixie Goertemiller will regale you with cruising sagas from their years of venturing into the Bay’s nooks and crannies. Current CBM staffers Jeff Holland and Janie Meneely, together or solo, will cut loose with an evening of music and storytelling pulled straight from their unique repertoire of Bay-inspired tunes and tales.

     The Goertemillers present a pair of slide shows called “Charms of the Chesapeake” and “Islands of the Chesapeake,” basic compendiums of where to go and what to do around the Bay, peppered with lively and humorous anecdotes.

     Holland and Meneely have been collaborating for years, most notably as members of the Chesapeake Bay folk group Crab Alley. They’ll do anything to get out of the office (food is as good a bait as any), and their “Chesapeake Songs and Stories” will set even the heaviest toes to tapping.

     Groups interested in booking CBM’s wealth of talent should be prepared to pay traveling expenses (clubs in the Caribbean will be given priority). Contact the Goertemillers directly at 804-453-3688 or e-mail them at Holland and Meneely can be reached at 410-263-2662 ext. 13 or