Issue: February 2001
Bay Notes: Crab Alley (Again)

Succumbing to demand, the original Chesapeake Bay folk group reissues its classic tapes - this time on CD.

    Yessirree. From the folks who defined Chesapeake Bay Eelgrass music at its best comes the long (and patiently) awaited Crab Alley Collector’s Edition CD, which includes both of the group’s popular tapes (count ‘em) “Back Creek Crab” and “Sail Away.”

    Available for $15 from a few lucky retail outlets or directly from the head crab at P. O. Box 116, Royal Oak, MD 21662 (make checks out to Oak Creek Marine; include $1.25 for shipping). To order by phone, call 410-280-3945. High tech fans can log on to