Issue: January 2001
Bay Notes: Blow Ye Winds

With tall ships pulling into town last June, the good people of Virginia wanted to greet them with more than just accolades. So Scuttlebutt, the scruffiest trio of sea salts that ever stumbled down a dock, put together, at the behest of Norfolk Festevents, an album of instrumental maritime music to commemorate Op-Sail 2000’s layover in Hampton Roads. Their lively renditions of “Blow the Man Down” and “Drunken Sailor” reverberated through dockside speakers up and down the Elizabeth River. Dubbed a sailor’s karaoke, their line-up includes such topside traditions as “Leave Her Johnny” and “Paddy Lay Back,” as well as a sprinkling of original ditties. Trio members Bob Zentz, Rick Epping and Rick Lee bring back the era of the sailing ships with zest and fancy fingerings. Concertina, banjo, harmonica and mandolin add texture to the old favorites and bring the new tunes to life. Give them a listen on