Issue: March 2001
Chesapeake Dot Com: e-Reading

So, are you still down in the mouth because Stephen King pulled the plug on his serialized internet novel? Well, dry those tears, Bunky, and head for Click on “Catalogue of Books” and then on the historical category, which is where you’ll find Island on the Bay, a novel by Marylander Grover C. Cooper. Set in the mid-1800s, it’s the story of JD Matthews, a carousing young cad from Baltimore who finds redemption and his inner hero on a remote Chesapeake island. He saves lives, blows up pirates and, in the end, gets the girl. It’s not the most graceful writing we’ve ever seen, and Mr. Cooper has some positively odd ideas about commas. But then again, so does E. L. Doctorow. And you can’t beat the price of Island on the Bay - $5.50 for an electronic version, $11.95 for an on-demand paper-back. We recommend the former. What the heck, save a tree.