Issue: March 2001
Farewell CTL

Bad news for fans of our sister magazine, Chesapeake Travel & Leisure: Sunrise Media, publishers of the bimonthly travel magazine, announced in late December that they would discontinue publication, citing a lack of advertising support.

    “This was a very difficult decision to make,” said publisher Bill Royer, who also serves as president and chief financial officer for Chesapeake Bay Magazine and its New England counterpart, Offshore magazine. “It was such an excellent product, and it was extremely well received by readers. We had nearly 20,000 subscribers signed on by the third issue.” But great magazine or not, Royer said, advertising support wasn’t there, and after four issues the company concluded that “the time wasn’t right” for this venture.

    “It’s really a shame. A lot of hard work and talent went into it,” said Chesapeake Travel & Leisure editor Tim Sayles, who continues to serve as editor of this magazine. “But that’s also the good news. We did exactly what we set out to do - create an excellent magazine. It just wasn’t meant to be, I guess.”