Issue: February 2002
Gotta Boat?

     They’re looking for a few good traditional Chesapeake Bay watercraft. This year, the Maryland Maritime Heritage Festival will be held in conjunction with the Volvo Ocean Race stopover at the Annapolis City Dock, April 26 to 28, so it’s sure to be in the international spotlight. What better chance to show off your traditional Chesapeake Bay boat? Festival director Jeff Holland is looking for Trumpy yachts, skipjacks, bugeyes, deadrises, buyboats and any other working or pleasure boat built on the Bay to join the exhibit along “Ego Alley.”

     “We want to show the world the breadth and depth of our boatbuilding tradition,” Holland says. “We want to create a floating museum for that weekend.” The festival will provide free dockage. For more information, contact Holland at 410-263-9446 or e-mail him at