January 2002



Journey up the James 
Imagining himself among
the gentlemen of the
Virginia Company, seeing
the New World for the first time,
writer Paul Clancy explores
the lower James River,
from the military and
commercial bustle of
Hampton Roads to the
quietude of Hog and
Jamestown islands.

Slow Hand Master
boatbuilder Jimmy Drewery has built scores of deadrise boats, but never one from a set of plans, until now. Executive editor Wendy Mitman Clarke visits the Virginia gentleman as he puts the finishing touches on his latest 'working exhibit' for the Mariners' Museum in Newport News-a 50-foot Carolina sportfisher with unmistakable Chesapeake lines.

Spamdingers and Other Abominations 
No, he wasn't kidding. The culinarily adventurous skipper/husband was actually proposing that they eat fried Spam, topped with pineapple slices and slabs of Velveeta. He'd eaten this before; it even had a name: a Spamdinger. . . . Where's the bloody Coast Guard when you need them? By J.W. Corse

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Good Boatkeeping  The Nuts and Bolts of Nuts and Bolts-Do your eyes glaze over in the marine fasteners aisle? Stephen Fishman gives you the basics for choosing screws, bolts, nuts and washers.

Time Tested/Power Sibling Rivalry-Jack Hornor takes a close look at Carver's nearly identical sisters, the 28 Mariner and 28 Voyager.

Tech Support 
Plumbing the Deep-Stephen Fishman offers a primer on depthsounders, from basic one-number units to state-of-the-art 'multisensor' combos.

Marina Hopping 
Smooth Sailing-Trish Lehman and her husband enjoy a weekend stay at Lankford Bay Marina, and a trolley ride to dinner in nearby Rock Hall.

A-Dock Confidential Burnt Offerings-The oatmeal was ruined, and crackers with hotdog relish would hardly do for an anniversary breakfast. What to do? Anything but nothing, says George Trennig, who has learned that, no matter what she says, anniversaries matter.

Cruise of the Month Semper Eadem-Diana Prentice cruises to Maryland's laid-back Deal Island, which seems to be a living example of Somerset County's motto: Always the Same.

Trading Places Music Man-It's a long journey from surfer boy to expert boat restorer, but it helps if there's music along the way. Paul Clancy goes to Glass, Va., to visit Clint Midgett, a one-man band if there ever was one.

Angler's Almanac Casting Smart- Putting the lure where you want it is half the battle. John Page Williams shows us the path to accurate casting, in all conditions.

Stern Lines Honk if You're Henry-Contemplating the appearance of a lone Canada goose on his creek, George Merrill wonders if he's in the presence of a web-footed Thoreau.

On the cover: Necessity , a 31-foot Cheoy Lee Clipper owned by Captain William Ross, U.S.C.G., churns up the West River near Galesville. Photograph by Scott Dine.