Issue: August 2003
The Cruising K.I.S.S. Cookbook II

The Cruising K.I.S.S. Cookbook II -By Corinne C. Kanter, 478 pages, $24.95, Seaworthy Publications Inc., Port Washington, Wisc.,


When Corinne Kanter’s “Keep It Simple System” of cooking first came on the scene, boaters were thrilled. Here is a liveaboard lady (she’s been cruising for 15 years with her husband Chuck) who knows the ins and outs of nutrition as well as the ups and downs of galleys. More important, she can work wonders within the limitations of a cruising budget. Little wonder her first two tomes, The Galley K.I.S.S. Cookbook and The Cruising K.I.S.S Cookbook (parts of which are incorporated in this new volume) remain strong sellers.

    The Cruising K.I.S.S. Cookbook II isn’t just more of the same. This tidy compendium includes everything anyone needs to know about how to shop for, stow and prepare food for cruising appetites - whether you’re sailing to Tortola or heading for your favorite gunkhole. For example, Kanter suggests adding a few bay leaves to your stash of flour and rice to keep weevils away. Who knew? And she offers great tips for serving local produce like breadfruit and calabaza (although she doesn’t tell us where we might encounter these delectables, and I suspect we have to go farther than Crisfield).

    To a gin, meat and potatoes lass like myself, the 645 recipes included in the text seem a tad overwhelming. And the arrangement of the book is puzzling - I’m used to flipping to the back of the book for the index. But for sheer quantity of information, it’s packed tighter than a snowbird’s lazarette.