Issue: June 2003
Rub-A-Dub Dub

At Annapolis Yacht Club’s annual Build-A-Boat Challenge, fun, wood and glue combine to create a whimsical fleet.


Annapolis Yacht Club has long been known for its fine and fast boats, but few of those noble vessels get as much attention as the ragtag skiffs thrown together in a day of frantic boatbuilding known as the Build-a-Boat Challenge. This year’s event - which goes by a name longer than most of the boats it will produce: the Annapolis Yacht Club Sikaflex Challenge Quick and Dirty Boat Building Contest - is set for June 21 and 22. Now in its eighth year, the competition pits teams against each other in one day of boat design and construction (using little more than plywood, Sikaflex and a healthy sense of whimsy), followed by feisty competition on the water. This year for the first time, the competitors will be divided into two fleets - one human-powered, one wind-powered. As of mid-April, 21 teams had signed up, and about half of them plan to build sailboats. Boatbuilding kicks off at 10 a.m., Saturday, June 20 at the club’s annex on Spa Creek’s Eastport side. The public is invited to watch the teams in action, and food and beverages will be on sale. Racing commences at 1:17 p.m. sharp Sunday; you can cheer your favorites from the Spa Creek bridge.