Issue: November 2005
Pride Dismasted

The Pride of Baltimore II rests safely in Saint-Nazaire, France, after losing her masts during an offshore squall in the Bay of Biscay during a race from England to the Tallships Festival in Santander, Spain. The boat safely motored the 80 miles into port.  No one was hurt, but estimates for the associated costs of repairing the vessel, a reproduction of an 1812-era Baltimore clipper, hover at half a million dollars and will take around three months. It goes without saying that she won’t be back on the Bay until she’s safely sailing again. Donations, made payable to Pride of Baltimore Inc., should go to the “Raise the Rig” campaign, Pride Inc., World Trade Center, 401 E. Pratt St., Suite 222, Baltimore, MD 21202. For more information call 888-55-PRIDE.