Issue: May 2006
Mail Call



I am an avid reader of Chesapeake Bay Magazine, so avid, in fact, that I usually read it with my Bay chartbook spread open to help me follow the stories. In doing so, I recently noticed a note on my Potomac River chart that read "Black Panther U-Boat 1105." This piqued my interest, which was soon fired again by a CBM reference to the sunken U-boat as a dive site [see "Northern Neck Getaway," Channel 9, March 2006].

If you know how the heck that submarine got there, this inquiring mind would certainly love to know.


Doug Maloney
Doylestown, Pa.


Editor’s Note: We have in fact mentioned the "Black Panther" a few times in the magazine. She was one of 10 synthetic-rubber-clad (for radar evasion) submarines built by the Germans during World War II and was surrendered to the Allies in the North Sea at the end of the war. She was turned over to the U.S. for testing and in 1949 was sunk off Piney Point in an explosives test (it’s not clear whether the sinking was intentional or not) – and then literally forgotten for nearly 40 years. She was rediscovered in 1985 and eventually designated a "historic dive preserve," the first such site in Maryland.



What’s Your Sign?

I’d like to thank Diana Prentice for her recent article, "Choptank Circle" [February 2006]. My husband and I own Dogwood Farm, and there was a nice mention of our self-service produce stand along with a photograph of our sign about organic corn. I realize the sign I made was tacky, but it’s real and so are the sentiments. I want to make people realize that when they buy fresh corn, they have to make a choice. As my dad, Donnell Jones, used to say "You’re either eating the worm or the chemicals that killed it."


Lisa Jones-Raymond
Sherwood, Md.



I would like to thank Katherine Brown very much for giving our marina such pleasant coverage in her recent article [Marina Hopping, March 2006].

We enjoy having our "corner of the Bay" explored, especially when Piney Narrows is featured so favorably. The photographs used to illustrate the article were particularly good and made the marina look very inviting.

Your magazine is widely enjoyed at our marina by staff and slipowners, and our office has received many calls from out-of-state boaters complimenting us on the article. That should speak well of your magazine's wide readership.


Joe Pomerantz, General Manager
Piney Narrows Yacht Haven