April 2007

A Quiet Place » With crabcakes on her mind, Wendy Mitman Clarke heads to Broomes Island on the Patuxent River, where she finds (in addition to an enormous and delicious homemade crabcake) a quiet community, a small marina and a down-home welcome. 

A Summer Guest » Each spring, thousands of sea turtles flock to the Bay--and many of the endangered reptiles are hurt because we don't know they're here. Wendy Mitman Clarke follows one injured turtle's journey through surgery and rehabilitation at the National Aquarium, and release back into the wild.

2007 Fishing Forecast »John Page Williams tells us which of our favorite fish will be biting this year and where we can find them. We'll also learn which populations are on the rise and which fish we might want to throw back to keep stocks healthy.

From the Editor 
Only the Best » It's only fair that we at CBM think our stories are good. But now it's confirmed. . . . Many times over.

Nautical Know-How 
Uncovered » Insurance companies are growing ever more cautious about whom they insure and often don't renew boaters' policies if claims have been filed. Frances Cerra Whittelsey gives us tips on how we can keep our boats insured.

Time Tested 
Tough Love » It's a tug . . . it's a workboat . . . it's a Nordhavn 40! These beauties are tough as nails, able to cross oceans in a single bound, plus they're comfortable and safe. By Holly E. Parker.

Marina Hopping
The Lap of Luxury » The River Marsh Marina at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa and Marina is a beacon of luxury, says Jane Meneely. And, provided you can get under the Route 50 bridge at Cambridge, you can enjoy everything the resort has to offer during your stay.

Cruise of the Month
Winter Sail » Starke Jett ventures to Sandy Point on the Great Wicomico River. But on this warm winter day what is usually a bustling anchorage is quiet, serene and all his.

Reader Rendezvous
Raucus Rockfishin' » On their annual rockfishing trip, Bob Zachariasiewicz and pals get a little rowdy, eat a ton of junk food and catch a few fish . . . so they say.

Off the Charts
Boat Is Where the Home Is » When the power is out and the woodstove's fired up, hanging at the house is just like an overnight on the boat--warm and cozy, quiet and happy. By Wendy Mitman Clarke.

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