February 2007

Smith Island Now, Still, Ever » Folks have been saying for decades that the Smith Island way of life is dying. That may be so, says Katherine Brown, a Methodist seminarian who spent several weeks on the island. But it's really only changing, and dying is one of many kinds of change.

This Was, And Is, Potomac River, Part 2
» This second and final installment of Jody Argo Schroath's journey follows the 1931 diary of a dozen Sea Scouts exploring the Potomac River. They encounter more risky aspects of the river--including gambling, moonshine running and other debauchery.   Read this story

Have Eagles, Will Donate 
» The bald eagle was desperately close to extinction in the 1960s. Now, says CBM's resident bird-aholic Melanie Lynch, they're so plentiful around the Bay that we're giving chicks to other states.

From the Editor 
Playing Favorites » Choosing a favorite story is like choosing your favorite child . . . it just can't be done.  Read this story

Nautical Know-How 
To Salvage or to Tow? » Next time you run hard aground shouldn't you know the difference between a friendly tow and what's a salvage job? It's a difference that can mean big bucks. By Tim Akpinar.

Time Tested 
One Fine Day Boat » John Page Williams tells us what makes the Hinckley Picnic Boat such a classic.    

Marina Hopping 
Oasis on the Miles » The St. Michaels Harbour Inn Marina & Spa gives Megan Walburn and family an elegant respite from the heat. 

Cruise of the Month 
Magothy to the Rescue » When storms forced Ann Levelle to alter her course to Baltimore, the Magothy River came to her rescue.  Read this article

Reader Rendezvous 

A Devil of a Time » A waterspout on the Bay? No, it can't be! Oh, but it was, and it was headed straight for George Carrigan.

Angler’s Almanac 
What Makes Fishing Memories? » It's not just the size of the fish, says John Page Williams; it might be the conditions, the fight for the prize or the company you're with that turns an ordinary outing into a memory.

Off the Charts 

Burning Down the Boat » As Wendy Mitman Clarke gets to know her newest boat, she realizes she'll have to learn to love its quirks--even if they do almost burn down the boat. Read This Story

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