January 2007

North by North East » Antiques shops, B&Bs and semimonthly breakfasts at the fire station are just a few of the things that make this little town at the top of the Bay worth a visit. By Paul Clancy.

This Was, And Is, Potomac River Part 1
» A journey made in 1931 by a group of eager young Sea Scouts is retraced by Jody Argo Schroath, who found far fewer working wharfs and boats on the Potomac than the scouts did, but the same warm welcomes that graced the Scouts some 75 years ago.

Eye on the Stars
» GPS may have relegated many of his inventions and innovations to the attic in recent years, but Captain Philip Van Horn Weems’s place in navigation history is secure. David B. Bowes tells the Captain’s story.

From the Editor 
Scouts at Sea » Boy Scouts? Badges? Who needs ’em? But Sea Scouts, sailing? Well, that’s another ball game. Where do we sign up? 

Nautical Know-How 
Can You Hear Me Now? » From cell phones to VHF, boaters have a lot of choices in ship-to-shore communications these days, says Frank Lanier.

Built on the Bay 
Something About Edna » After searching the Bay for the perfect boat, CBM publisher Dick Royer found the Elzey 32. A Bay boat at its best—simple, yet functional—it was just what he needed. By John Page Williams.    

Marina Hopping 
Marina Metropolis on a Rural River » Megan Walburn and family at Georgetown Yacht Basin on a brief foray into the marina-hopping world and find a city’s worth of goods and services on a quiet river. 

Cruise of the Month 
To Port Tobacco, with Bells On » Henry and Pat Meneely and their cruising buddies hear the bells of St. Ignatius, an inescapable part of exploring the Port Tobacco River.

Me and My Boat 

his Time I Mean It » Dick Rossé has bought and sold his Yankee Dolphin pocket cruiser three times since 1979. But he just won’t do it again.

Angler’s Almanac 
What’s Your Line? » John Page Williams tells you what type of line—be it copolymer, super-polymer or braided nylon—is best for your angling needs. 

Off the Charts 

A Long Goodbye » Outgrowing a boat is one thing, selling her is another. But saying goodbye will certainly be the toughest of all for Wendy Mitman Clarke. 

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