November 2007
   Volume 37  • Number 6 •

The Great Divides » Paul Clancy is determined to see all three of the Chesapeake's Dividing Creeks--one on the Magothy River, one on the Wye and one at the tip of the Northern Neck. Despite dead engines, weddings and winter weather, he pulls it off.   Read this article

Oldies But Woodies » While working on her own classic Chris-Craft, or not, senior editor Jody Argo Schroath goes in search of buddies who will understand her wooden-boat blues. She indeed finds solace in a diverse and talkative group of Chris fanatics, who have done their share of restoration work . . . or not.

Outbound to Roanoke »
Hankering for a short but adventurous offshore passage, David Poyer assembles a team of veteran sailors to accompany him to Roanoke Island, N.C. And while trying to outrun a storm and stay on a schedule set by a military man, they certainly find an adventure. 

From the Editor 
Again with the Hyphens? » To hyphenate or not to hyphenate? That is the question. For brand and corporate names (Chris-Craft, for instance), don't ask the dictionary; ask Google.  Read this article

Nautical Know-How
Piercing Night and Fog »Gary P. Joyce weighs in on the importance of radar on even the smallest boats . . . and gives us tips on where to find the best buys.

Marina Hopping
Welcome to the Neighborhood » The Tilghman Island Marina is a welcoming boat basin in Knapps Narrows, right in its owners' backyard. By Ann Levelle.  Read this article

Cruise of the Month
The Pleasures of Piney Point »While she doesn't find the sunken U-boat she's seeking, Diana Prentice does get to check out a gorgeous lighthouse, a lovely museum and a historic park on the Potomac's Piney Point.

Me & My Boat
Requited Love »It was love at first sight for Leon Schertler when he encountered the Amy Baker. And since 1960 she's been the only boat for him.

Angler's Almanac
Dress for Excess (Cold and Moisture, That Is) »John Page Williams tells us some great ways to stay warm and dry while fishing in the winter months.

Meneely Under Way
Learning to Sail »After buying a sailboat, Jane Meneely finds that sailing is like riding a bike--you never forget how. But the names of all those doohickeys sure can be hard to recall.

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On the Cover:Owner Ron Koris (sitting) untangles drifter lines on his Cheoy Lee Rapport during the annual Hospice Turkey Shoot Regatta on the Rappahannock.Photograph by Starke Jett.