October 2007
   Volume 37  • Number 5 • www.chesapeakeboating.net

Cruising in the Company of Saints  » The St. Marys River may be miles from nowhere, says senior editor Jody Argo Schroath, but it sure has a lot to offer: archaeological digging in progress, an entirely re-created historic city, and a waterfront college ready to welcome cruisers to their saintly shores.   Read this story

What Lies Beneath »
If you've ever wondered what the Bay's bridges, pilings, buoys and pound nets look like underneath the water, here's your chance to find out. Senior editor John V. Reistrup has dug up the dirt (pun intended) on what really lies beneath the Bay structures we see every day. 

The State of Our Bay »
In our seventh annual report on the health of the Chesapeake, John V. Reistrup reports that the decade-long debate over the pfiesteria fish kills on the Bay is over (probably); John Page Williams looks at the resurgence of the Atlantic sturgeon in the Bay; and Tom Horton compares his ecological footprint today to what it might have been when he grew up on the Bay in the 1950s. 

From the Editor 
Good-Bye, With a Hyphen » How do you say good-bye to the wonderful writer, editor and redhead who has made your life easier for nine years? By not changing a single word of her good-bye, of course . . . except to add a hyphen. Read this story

Nautical Know-How
Easy Pickups » Hooking onto a mooring ball can be as easy as pie or an infamous disaster, says Frank Lanier. But by following these easy tips, your next date with a mooring ball should be a breeze.

Marina Hopping 
Back Creek Getaway » Friendly staff and amenities galore make Port Annapolis Marina a great stop for cruisers who want to see Annapolis but avoid the crowds. By Karyn Rothstein.

Cruise of the Month
On a Short Hop to West Point, Virginia » At the convergence of three gorgeous rivers, senior editor Jody Argo Schroath finds a quaint town, shiny new bridges, a quiet beach and, of all things, one giant cardboard factory. Read this story

Reader Rendezvous  
A Visit from the Ghost of Old House Woods » A ghostly apparition of a schooner appears to a sailor on a solo trip to visit a friend. By Ray Reuter.

Angler's Almanac 
Trolling Light » John Page Williams has devised a system to help small-boat anglers troll with the big boys.

Off the Charts 
Saying Good-bye»A good-bye is a gift, says Wendy Mitman Clarke, a piece of that person to take with you wherever you go. Herewith, her gift to all of her faithful readers.  Read this article

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On the Cover: Antique & Classic Boat Society powerboats line up on the beach.Photograph by Bob Grieser.