September 2007
   Volume 37  • Number 5

The Future of Freedom's Fortress » As the Army prepares to leave Virginia's historic Fort Monroe, Paul Clancy takes us on a tour of the stone leviathan that has guarded the mouth of the Bay for nearly two centuries. Under state ownership, it's not likely that much will change at the fort itself, but that may not be true of the valuable surrounding property.  Read this article

Chasing History, Slowly »
Retracing the figurative footsteps of Captain John Smith, who explored the Bay from top to bottom in 1608? That sounds interesting. But doing so under wind- and oar-power alone, in a 28-foot open boat? For 1,500 miles? That's extreme. But for official scribe Andrew Bystrom, and his 11 fellow modern-day explorers, the John Smith 400 Project has been the journey of a lifetime.

Stalking the Wild Persimmon »
Who knew that raspberries, black walnuts and wild figs were right there on the shores of the Bay, ready for the picking? Senior writer Wendy Mitman Clarke, that's who. And she shares all she knows, including recipes, about eating the scenery, Chesapeake style.

Bugged Out »
The Eastern Shore "bitey fly" isn't the only thing out there waiting to suck your blood, according to Wendy Mitman Clarke. Learn all about the Bay buggers that love to bug you.

From the Editor 
Details, Details » It's hard enough to imagine how Captain John Smith and crew survived their exploration of the Bay without Wi-Fi and weather forecasts. But how on earth did they manage in those horribly uncomfortable clothes? Read this story

Nautical Know-How
Picture Perfect Weather » Electronics manufacturers and satellite services have banded together to make boating better . . . by beaming the weather forecasts directly onto our chartplotters. By Al Herum.

Marina Hopping 
Dockage, Fuel and Friends . . . Oh My! » Both stylish and classic, Mears Yacht Haven and Oxford, Md., are a match made in heaven, says Diana Prentice.  Read this story

Cruise of the Month
Island Getaway » En route to Washington, D.C., Pat Meneely stops at Cobb Island for a seafood dinner and a few good yarns from the local watermen.

Angler's Almanac 
Pulling Strings » By giving them a little life with the right twists, tugs and line tricks, artificial lures can be an angler's best friend, says John Page Williams.

Off the Charts 
Homeward Bound » In a didn't-know-you-had-it-till-it's-gone moment, Wendy Mitman Clarke reminisces about growing up on the Sassafras River. Read this article

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On the Cover:Kelly Poole atop the mast of the Sultana Project's shallop.Photograph by Michael C. Wootton.