May 2008
Tappahannock on My Mind »It's a long, long way to Tappahannock, but senior editor Jody Argo Schroath discovers that the 35-mile trip up the Rappahannock is well worth it. Surely the discovery of shopping, good food and history, all within easy walking distance, is music to any cruiser's ears. Read this article

Got a Light? » We've all seen them: the Bay's unwanted, unused and thoroughly neglected lighthouses. And many of us have wondered--if only for a moment--what it would take to own one these austerely beautiful symbols of maritime history. A few special people have taken up the challenge, and now, writer Marty LeGrand goes out of her way to meet them. It's a tall order.

Aye, Aye, Skipper » Shaggy dog stories are as plentiful as Labrador retrievers on bow riders, but this curly canine tale is about Skipper, the ship's dog, and his debut season afloat. Skipper's skipper, Jody Argo Schroath, lets the fur fly where it will.

From the Editor
See the Light » Ahh, the Bay's lighthouses, glorious beacons of comfort to sailors, nautical icons extraordinaire and of course, summer homes! What's up with that? Read this article

Nautical Know-How
PCs Onboard » These days bringing a PC onboard might be the way to go when it comes to electronic navigation, says Tom Tripp . . . and you can listen to your mp3s while you're at it!

Marina Hopping 
A Little R&R » Diana Prentice visits River's Rest Marina & Resort on the idyllic Chickahominy River for a quiet, relaxing stay.

Cruise of the Month
The Real Queenstown » Many of us know of Queenstown, Md., for its outlet stores. But, says Diana Prentice, when you visit by boat you'll find a quaint Bay town, complete with a quiet Main Street and its very own skipjack.

Angler's Almanac
Follow the Spawning Fish » Spring spawning season is upon us. And if you follow the fish to and from their breeding grounds, you're sure to catch some great ones. By John Page Williams.

Meneely Under Way
Sail Therapy, or Not » After undergoing brain surgery, all Jane Meneely wanted was a nice rehabilitating sail. Too bad seasickness is one of the side effects of this kind of surgery. Read this article

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