September 2008

The Five People You Meet in Urbanna » When a Tidewater cruise to tiny Urbanna, Va., goes almost too well to be believed, senior editor Jody Argo Schroath decides to kick back and enjoy nirvana. If you find yourself in heaven, she tells us, don't pinch yourself too hard.  Read article »

Butterfly Tide »Oh, that poor helpless thing, out over the wide Choptank River, thought Katherine Brown when she saw the beautiful orange-and-black monarch butterfly flit past the boat. It must have been blown offshore by the cruel fall wind. Then she saw another one, and another, and eventually she learned that these indomitable long-distance aviators weren't drifting helplessly in the wind; they were flying to Mexico.

Legends & Lies » Once upon a time, there was a sailor whose stories all were true. . . . Ha, ha, ha! Good joke, huh? And if you believe that, wait till you hear the one about a knucklehead called Jonah. Sit ye down, mateys. Jan Adkins has a whale of a tale to tell.

From the Editor
The Leonardtown Turnaround » Kudos to Leonardtown, Md., for reviving its long-neglected waterfront. If you build it, they (boaters) will come, and they will buy stuff and eat at your restaurants, and lo it will be good.  Read article »

Nautical Know-How
Ditching School » Got a plan for a quick getaway should you have a disaster on board? No? Well, here Lenny Rudow gives you a rundown on everything you'll need to prepare a solid (and buoyant) ditch bag to get you through the worst of catastrophes.

Marina Hopping
Playing it Big in Baltimore»Baltimore Marine Center may be gigantic. But, as managing editor Ann Levelle finds out, even giants can be gentle.

Cruise of the Month
Back to Wharf Speed » Diana Prentice visits Leonardtown, Md., and finds a gem of a town, complete with a new waterfront park and public wharf, not to mention plenty of restaurants and stores within easy walking distance. The little town on Breton Bay is indeed back on the charts.  Read article »

Angler's Almanac
Liven It Up
»Fishing with cut bait? Phshaw. Try fishing with live bait! Live-line angling can produce some awesome results, says John Page Williams, who tells us how to catch the bait and the big ones.

Meneely Under Way
The Taste of Eelgrass » Growing up, Jane Meneely had it all . . . her own little dinghy, a father who taught her how to take care of it properly, and a creek right in her backyard to sail on. But only now, as she has to drive an hour to her boat, does she realize how sweet life was.

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