April 2009

Lure of the Beach » Whether it's fishing, gambling or gamboling, Maryland's Chesapeake Beach has been pulling them in for more than a century. When Jane Meneely sails into town for a look-see of her own, she finds that the town's attractions are as strong and alluring as ever. Read this article

Fearless Fishing Forecast 2009 »Here's what you’ve been waiting for . . . Chesapeake Bay Magazine's annual fish-by-fish, nitty-gritty, top-to-bottom of the Bay analysis of the 2009 fishing season. Our go-to fishing guru John Page Williams consults the experts and then makes the big predictions on what will be biting this year.

A Short Cruise Is a Good Cruise » Determined to spend some time away from the dock, but not to waste precious dollars on expensive fuel, Donovan Dietrick finds that a getaway doesn’t have to be far away.

From the Editor: Down to Business
Boating season is upon us again. But before we get out on the water, we have some important items to discuss.
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Nautical Know-How: Warp When Weaving
A well placed spring line can keep you snug in a slip, but it can also come in handy getting out of one.
By Ken Textor

Marina Hopping: It All Adds Up
A visit to Tidewater Yacht Marina in Portsmouth, Va., leaves Maureen FitzGerald O'Brien dazzled by all the amenities, and all but ready to move to Portsmouth.

Cruise of the Month: Putting History on the Front Burner
A visit to Tangier Island's new history museum leaves Diana Prentice full of nostalgic pride for one of her favorite Bay destinations. Read this article

Horton at Large: Taking the Long View
A Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum photo exhibit pairs old and new aerial views of the Chesapeake—and clearly shows the "hardening" of the Bay's edges.