Issue: April 2009
FROM THE EDITOR: Down to Business

by Tim Sayles

Okay, people, we've got a lot of ground to cover here, so listen up.
    Item 1:Re the 2009 Best of the Bay reader survey, and in particular our decision this year to go entirely electronic, i.e., conduct the survey on our website, rather than by mail. So far, so good. As of this writing, more than 300 of you have cast your votes online. That's enough to declare it a whopping success, because 300 responses, give or take a few dozen, is how many we've always gotten—and this time we did it without using a scrap of paper (you're welcome, Mr. Tree) and, better still, without spending a nickel on postage. But I want more; I want 400, 500, 600 responses. I want it to be the biggest ever! To that end I've extended the deadline just a tad, to April 4—which took some doing, mind you, because they're very serious about deadlines around here. So, citizen, go forth and vote. If you've not already done so, get thee online and make known thy likings and opinions.
    Item 2:Speaking of likings and opinions, and making them known, it's time for another membership drive for Chesapeake Bay Magazine reader e-panel. Gosh, you say, what's that? I'm glad you asked! That's our group of 90-some CBM readers who have volunteered to be available by e-mail to answer the occasional editorial query from these offices. For instance, we might be looking for feedback on an idea for a new monthly column, or taking a quick straw poll on some proposed new Coast Guard regulation, or wondering how fuel prices are affecting your boating habits. If you'd like to join the e-panel, just send me an e-mail at, and be sure to include your name, where you live (town and zip code) and what kind of boat you have. I look forward to hailing you aboard.
    Item 3:"Aboard what?" the snarkiest of you might ask. "If the magazine gets any skinnier I'll be able to floss with it!" Yes, Mr. Rickles, you're right, but we're doing just fine, thank you. Advertising, as most of you know, is the engine that makes magazines go, and that engine has lately been a bit sputtery. But don't worry, good old CBM is motor-sailing right along, making the most of the diminished breeze. Like every other business in the world, we've had to make adjustments—the most noticeable being a less fulsome editorial package than you'd grown accustomed to in the roaring 90s—but the essential business formula remains sound. We have a strong and unique editorial product, tens of thousands of loyal readers, and plenty of businesses who want to put their ads in front of those readers. So fret not, the good ship CBM is moving along smartly.
    Item 4:Speaking of boats . . . hot damn, it's almost spring!
    Item last:This just in from Salisbury, Md., which is on the Wicomico River, just 20 or so twisty miles from the Chesapeake Bay and therefore perfectly legitimate news item in this magazine: At 5:44 on the morning of February 20 my daughter Joy gave birth to Francis George Klauder V, the handsomest, charmingest, sweetest little boy ever to grace the labor and delivery unit of Peninsula Regional Medical Center. Well done, Joy! And welcome to the world, Cinco!