December 2009

Artist Ray Heus is an acclaimed printmaker and painter from Massachusetts. He specializes in woodblocks, aquatints and etchings, and watercolors and oils. His work has been exhibited in numerous solo shows and is in the permanent collection at the Cape Cod Museum of Art. Catboats are a favorite subject for Heus, who loves to sail and build wooden boats as a hobby. Catboats and other of Heus's work is on display at the McBride Gallery in Chestertown, Md.; 

The Next BIG Thing » It's all so very big, and their boat so very small. . . . But Jody Argo Schroath and her chum, like Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion, gathered their courage and booked a slip at National Harbor--the new Oz on the Potomac. There they found a warm welcome and more to see and do than even a brainy scarecrow might imagine.  Read this article

Cruises Mainly in the Past II » Return with us now for a second installment of excerpts from Robert and George Barrie's classic Cruises Mainly in the Bay of the Chesapeake. This month, the brothers get caught in a white squall, fail to shoot any ducks and get fed up with their all-chicken diet. All with never-before-published pictures from George Barrie's private photo album.

A Bullet Report With a Snag . . . Okay, Three Snags » This was Joe Howell's race. He just knew this would be a victorious day for Carolina Blue and her crew, and he'd be writing the winning skipper's "bullet report."

Bypoints : Big New World
Our first-ever December/January issue is not only a mix of two issues, but a mix of old and new Bay things. Read this article

Nautical Know-How : Looking Sharp
Broadband radar uses less power and sharpens target images, says Lenny Rudow. Learn whether this new technology should be on your upgrade list.  

Cruise of the Month : Exit Strategy
Veteran cruiser Diana Prentice enjoys one last Bay-style cruising adventure in the Dismal Swamp Canal before departing for warmer climes.

Marina Hopping : All in the Family
Jean Korten Moser visits Harrison's Chesapeake House, a veritable Tilghman Island institution, for a great dinner and a quiet night's stay.

Angler's Almanac : Gifts for the Angler
From rods and reels to lures and fishing books, our experts have some great ideas for the anglers on your holiday shopping list.

Horton at Large : Scraping By
Admire it now, while you can, says Tom Horton, because Smith Island's graceful scrape boat is rarer than the skipjack and closer to the vanishing point. Read this article

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