January 2009

Boat-roller Derby Part 1 »Armed with a desire to see the far corners of the Bay, Jody Argo Schroath gathers (and hijacks) friends with trailerable boats and heads out in search of new and interesting launch points. She found so many cool places, in fact, we're splitting it into two parts. 

Fast Cat Fever »Hang on to your hats! Ann Levelle snags a wild ride on a Supercat 22 and hangs on for dear life. Once you’ve felt the burn, she says, it's hard to go back. The speed-crazed members of the West River Catamaran Racing Association have been saying just that for nearly twenty years.

Knots, Nautical Miles and King Henry’s Nose » Don't thumb your nose at nautical measurements like knots and fathoms, Jan Adkins says. Unlike the landlubber’s king’s nose-and-toes-based calculations like feet and inches, they are elegant, logical and accurate . . . mostly.

From the Editor
JFK and Me—Manitou, Jack Kennedy's beloved "floating White House," comes to Annapolis, and our editor, invited along for the last leg of the trip, savors his encounter with the ghosts of Camelot.Read this article »

Nautical Know-How
House Call—Adding a house battery to your small boat may seem daunting, says Tom Richardson. But it’s worth the effort when you can run your fishfinder all day and not worry about having enough juice left to start the engine.

Marina Hopping
Going Public in Hampton—Staying downtown at the public piers is a great way to stay close to all that Hampton, Va., has to offer. By Maureen FitzGerald O'Brien.

Cruise of the Month
The Centreville of Attraction— Diana Prentice heads for the Corsica River and historic Centreville, Md., for a little walk through history.

Reader Rendezvous
Boats That Go Bump in the Night—Chris Ferro recounts a wild night in St. Michaels, Md., complete with crabs, beer, a storm and dragging anchors.

Angler's Almanac
A New Year’s Resolution—John Page Williams suggests ways we can better ourselves and the Bay in the coming year. 

Meenely Under Way
Ports in Passing—Jane Meneely ponders why it’s so easy to remember the perfect margarita or perfect sunset, or the time your dog fell in the water chasing a duck, but not so easy to remember where you were or when those things happened.

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