May 2009

Perfect Partnership »When Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney decided, "Let's put on a show!" they had nothing on Dixie and Dick Goertemiller, who decided, "Let's start a magazine!" What they started in 1971 quickly became a first-class boating magazine (if we say so ourselves) and continues to thrive after nearly four decades. And, oh, what stories they can tell . . . as Marty LeGrand discovers when she comes to call.

Cruises Down Memory Lane »After nearly a lifetime of cruising the Bay, a couple could (and did) fill a book with stories of gunkholing adventures. We asked Dick and Dixie Goertemiller to give us four of their most memorable ones. Then we put four of our writers into boats and sent them off to pay a visit of their own.
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Playing in Mud Puppy » When their family moves aboard to prepare for a new life of cruising the Caribbean, three young boys find that marina life on the Bay is anything but boring, thanks to a neighbor who fishes an old dinghy out of the muck. By Connie McBride

Bypoints: Missed It by That Much
Why you won't read about Brooks Creek in this issue. An editor's lament.
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Nautical Know-How: Convert This
Catalytic converters are coming to the marine engine market. Bob Stearns tells us what we'll see under the engine hatch in new boats.

Marina Hopping: Where's That Again?
Diana Prentice visits Combs Creek Marina near Leonardtown, Md., and finds that just because you haven't heard of a place, doesn't mean it’s not a great place to be.

Cruise of the Month: Pretty in Peach
In desperate need of a night on the hook in a quiet creek, Jean Korten Moser finds the perfect respite in Peachblossom Creek off the Tred Avon River. Read this article

Meneely Under Way: We've Come a Long Way, Baby
The time when women were solely first mates is long gone, says Jane Meneely.