Issue: April 2010
BYPOINTS: Spring, Yea, Verily

I have a good friend who lives in the climatologically idyllic city of Victoria, British Columbia, where winter is not permitted. Back in mid-February she posted a Facebook photo of the cherry trees in bloom in her fair city. I'll repeat that for effect, inmid-Februaryshe posted a photo of cherry trees in bloom. . . . I immediately gave her a piece of my mind. I told her this had been a very cruel thing to do, since the picture would be seen by her friends on the other side of the continent, many of whose streets were lined not with cherry blossoms but with 10-foot-high banks of dirty snow. This was her response: "<Grin!>" So I sent her a photo of one of those grimy snow banks, with my car parked next to it to illustrate scale, and I demanded some measure of remorse or sympathy. This was her response: "Does giggling count as remorse?"

Okay, fine, miss smarty pants. Fine. But you know what? By the time you read this, our parade of blossoms will have begun, the pear trees and forsythias, then the cherries and dogwoods and redbuds. And those dirty snow banks will be down to, oh, just five feet or so. And we'll be throwing off the tarps and the shrink-wrap, and the sun will be in our faces, yea verily, and we'll be pumping out the bilges and washing down the decks and flushing the water tanks and inspecting seacocks, and we'll be wearing short-sleeved shirts and perhaps even short pants, and oh how lovely it will be, because oh what a long, cold, snowy, snowy winter it has been, verily.

There . . . I feel better now, and I can move on to Item Two, which is to remind you that if you're reading this before April 1, you still have time, if you haven't already done so, to cast your ballot in our 2010 Best of the Bay Survey. Just click here. As always, we'll publish the survey results in our June issue.

Finally, Item Three, a hearty congratulations to our BWI award-winning writers and staffers! Writer Michael Fincham won first place in the environment category of the annual Boating Writer's International writing contest for "Go Terps," his splendid article on diamondback terrapin research in our March 2009 issue. Congrats also to editor-at-large Jane Meneely, whose bimonthly musings in "Meneely Under Way," took the silver medal in the columns category; and to managing editor Ann Levelle, who won bronze in the boating lifestyles category with her excellent profile of the West River Catamaran Racing Association in the January 2009 issue. Collecting awards of merit were senior editor Jody Schroath and writers Paul Clancy, Marty LeGrand and Diana Prentice. Let's hear it for my writer peeps! If you want to read or reread these fine pieces, go to our website (a lotgoing on there these days!) and click on "BWI Award Winners" in the Quick Links section.

And then go outside and play, for Pete's sake. It's almost spring!

Tim Sayles, Editor