August 2010

All In Good Time » After hearing from friends that Whitehaven, Md., is a small-town paradise worthy of the silver screen, senior editor Jody Argo Schroath sets out for the town on the Eastern Shore's Wicomico River. She finds not only a lovely riverside village filled with lovely people, but also a place that, it seems, nobody visits just once. Read this article

The Sting » Nettles--the floating globs of ooze that plague our summer swims and sting us in the process. We loathe them, but why are they here? They must serve some purpose, right? Marty LeGrand takes an in-depth look at what many consider the bane of summer, hoping to answer these and other questions, such as, "Does it help to pee on a nettle sting?"

Weathering a Bay Squall »It's August. It's hot and humid. There will be a thunderstorm this evening. . . . We've all been there, out on the Bay with nowhere to hide and a purple-black sky rumbling in from the west. Tom Dove gives us pointers on weathering a summer squall, whether you're on a big ol' powerboat or a little sailing dinghy.

Bypoints : Fish and Let Fish
Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and . . . well, this particular man will forget it all, and will end up buying his fish at the Safeway. Read this article

Nautical Know-How : Dial 'Er In
In these tough economic times, wouldn't it be nice to know your boat is running at optimal levels, saving you fuel and maintenance costs? John Page Williams gives us some great ideas on how to dial in your boat to perform at its best. Read this article
Marina Hopping : A Turn in the Right Direction
On the corner of Mobjack Bay and the East River lies Compass Marina, a newly rebuilt, cozy hideaway with views to rival the Caribbean.

Cruise of the Month : Narrow Passage
A day of puttering around Annapolis's northern peninsula leads Jody Argo Schroath and ship's dog Skipper to finally brave the narrow channel into Sandy Point State Park, where life's a beach.

Meneely Under Way : A Closer Shave
We can't stop the Gulf oil spill by choosing to drive one less day a week. But maybe we can make a difference here on the Bay by each taking small steps to change our impact on our home waters.

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