March 2010

By Boat & Bike to Easton » Editor T. F. Sayles proves once and for all that Easton, Md., is indeed accessible by boat. And as he explores the "capital of the Eastern Shore" via bicycle, he finds the friendly marina, delightful inns and great meals worth the long trip up the Tred Avon River. Read this article

School of Hard Tacks » If you're looking for the sail-racing fanatics of the future, look no further than the high school racing teams around the Bay. High school programs are producing the collegiate hot shots and Olympic heroes of tomorrow. Nancy Taylor Robson reports from the interscholastic trenches.

The Great Chesapeake Engine-Break-In Cruise »When is a sailboat not a sailboat? When it is having its new engine broken in. Ever so carefully --and with a certain degree of embarrassment-- Wendy Mitman Clarke and her husband follow the new engine's instruction booklet to a tee and motor around the Bay . . . first at this speed and then at that. Come along for the ride. Read this article

Bypoints : Future Shock
The good news: Your favorite magazine (this one) has it's own Facebook page. The bad news: They're still working on that whole flying-car thing. Read this article

Nautical Know-How : The Bottom Line
It takes a creative chemist to keep barnacles from growing on our boats. So, says Gary Caputi, the antifouling paint manufacturers have got their lab coats on, working hard to find paints that work but don't poison the environment in the process.

Marina Hopping : Made In the Shade
The sun shines bright on BluHaven Piers on Smith Creek off the Potomac River, but it can't hold a candle to the marina's cool and shady spots. Jody Argo Schroath stays as cool as a cucumber sandwich when she stops by on one jalapeno pepper of a summer day.

Cruise of the Month : See Saxis, Va.
Have a Soda—With nothing but bitey flies for company, Jody Argo Schroath explores remote Saxis, Va., and finds an unforgettable landscape . . . and a life-saving soda machine.

Horton At Large : The Creek to Save
Mattawoman Creek on the Potomac River is one of the Bay's last great unpolluted waterways. And it's the place to make a stand against development and a new highway, says Tom Horton.

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