May 2010

Wanna Go Sailing? » It's time for a four-day mid-Bay cruise and writer Jane Meneely is ready to go whichever way the wind blows. But her old friend Karen plays the contrarian and hankers instead for new sights and sounds, even if they happen to be located dead downwind. What's a girl to do? Meneely goes with the flow and it all turns out . . . well . . . almost perfect. Read this article

Join the Club »Editor T.F. Sayles gives us the lowdown on boating club membership--a turnkey solution for those who want to be on the water but don't want the boat ownership. Read this article

Truck Trouble » Too many rattles, too much cellophane and—worst of all—too many gears! This "truck from hell" was annoying but necessary for kayaker Anne McNulty. On a kayak trip to Leeds Creek off the Miles River, however, both McNulty and the truck found themselves in trouble . . . deep trouble.

Bypoints : Consider the Club
Is the club-boating phenomenon here to stay? Who knows? But it sure is a great opportunity to trot out 50-cent terms like "paradigm shift." Read this article

Marina Hopping : It's Magic!
Senior editor Jody Argo Schroath turns off the busy James River at Newport News and pops through the narrow entrance into quiet, cozy and comfortable Deep Creek Marina . . . everything a muggle could wish for.

Cruise of the Month : Grays Inn Creek By Any Other Name
On a lazy cruise along the lower Chester River to Grays Inn Creek, Jody Argo Schroath plays the place-name game, which mixes history, educated guesswork and wild conjecture. She even scores extra points by finding an excellent anchorage in Browns Cove.

Angler's Almanac : Spring Straining
John Page Williams discusses the advantages and disadvantages of packing an umbrella (rig) on your next spring rockfish trip.

Horton at Large : Lessons In Perspective
General Motors once opposed seat belts and scientists once scoffed at limiting nutrients running into the Bay, Tom Horton reminds us. Yesterday's joke can become tomorrow's big idea. It's all a matter of time and perspective.

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