October 2010

Wait for It . . . » After holding out for the best leaf-watching weather possible, senior editor Jody Argo Schroath and friend Kathy finally make it north to the Sassafras River for a fall cruise complete with sightseeing, gunkholing and, eventually, gourmet picnicking. Read this article

Salvation on the Half Shell » Once, the Bay's shellfish were simply there for the taking. Today, oysters, clams and other seafood require nurturing too. That's where aqua farmers and some intrepid watermen come in, says Marty LeGrand, who reports on what both Maryland and Virginia are doing to further the blossoming aquaculture industry.

Everything I Know About Boating I Learned From Boat Show Brochures » Hot boating babes, killer sunsets and Caribbean blue water depicted on many a boat brochure has no doubt suckered a few dreamers into boat ownership. But Drew Jones knows, after decades of nearly buying a brand-new boat, to take it all with a grain of salt. And envy.

Bypoints : Back to School
It's fall, folks . . . time for a few last cruises, then to the boat shows to gather material for those dreams that get you through the winter nights. Read this article

Marina Hopping : Fisherman's Paradise
Jane Meneely visits Breezy Point Marina just south of Chesapeake Beach . . . and just off some of the best fishing grounds on the Bay.
Cruise of the Month : Decisions . . . Decisions
Jody Argo Schroath takes the road less traveled by tucking in behind Gwynn's Island to visit beautiful Stutts Creek. The only question was how to get back out.

Galleys Ashore : New in Olde Crisfield
Perhaps already known as "the yellow place," a new crab and steakhouse carves out a niche in the old crab capital.Read this article

Angler's Almanac : Fall's Best Bets
Veteran angler John Page Williams tells us what will be biting and where during the fantastic fall fishing season.

Meneely Under Way : The Eternity of Teak
Can one get into heaven if one's teak isn't done? An existential question for sure. But one that may not matter if you're going to live forever!

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