September 2010

Mr. Boh's Neighborhood » Managing editor Ann Levelle gets a travel bug out of her system with a short trip to (and a lot of food in) Baltimore's up-and-coming, funky-and-fun Canton neighborhood. Former home to shipwrights and industry, Canton is now home to fleets of pleasure boats and a platoon of great eating establishments. Ann helps herself to more than a sampling of both pleasures. Read this article

Net Game » Anyone who's ever taken a boat down the Bay has come across those long lines of poles that seem to begin and end nowhere in particular. This month, Jane Meneely climbs aboard a retired fishing boat out of Reedville, Va., to learn the science behind the pound-net poles first-hand. It's a lesson full of twists and turns.

Have Trailer Will Travel » Peace on the Pax John Page Williams demonstrates why trailer-boaters can have adventures the rest of us can't--or at least not without a lot of trouble--as he tells the tale of two boat ramps on the upper Patuxent that lead to the wondrous outer edge of the Chesapeake's world.

Bypoints : Meltapalooza
Note to self: Forget I-95. It's 100 percent better to attend Aquapalooza by boat--no matter how long it'll take to get there. Read this article

Marina Hopping : Future Past
Mills Marina on Back Creek at the mouth of the York River may not be the busy place it used to be—thanks to Isabel's destructive visit seven years ago. But that's not a bad thing, Jody Argo Schroath finds when she stops by for a quiet evening on this charming creek.
Cruise of the Month : Treasuring the Moment
Senior editor Jody Argo Schroath and friend Jean toss all advice overboard and make the tricky trip into Irish Creek in search of surprise and adventure. Will they find gold on this often-snubbed Choptank creek?Read this article

Angler's Almanac : Have Paddle Will Fish
Oh for a fine fishing rod and a decked out kayak! Our fishing guru John Page Williams extols the many virtues of angling from the water bird's-eye view of a purpose-built kayak.

Horton at Large : Will O' the Wind
You may not need a weatherman to tell which way the wind blows, but a scientist can really help. Tom Horton takes a closer look at the influences that long-term cyclical weather patterns have on the Chesapeake and how we balance these with the changes wrought by man.

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