February 2011

Nobody Doesn't Like St. Mikes » Yes, yes, we know. Everyone has been to St. Michaels, Md., by boat. But something keeps drawing visitors back, according to Ann Levelle, who makes a summer visit and finds that with so much to do, the town never offers the same trip twice.  Read this article

Kids on Board » Take a generous handful of historic and replica vessels then add a big helping of impressionable youngsters, and you have the makings of tomorrow's boaters and Bay advocates. CBM Art Director Karen Ashley gives us a look at some of the Chesapeake's major floating laboratories and how they expand children's knowledge of the Bay.

Chesapeake War Zone » Historian Eric Mills fires off the first salvo in the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, with tales of maritime derring-do and a reminder of the Chesapeake Bay's crucial importance to the survival of the Union.

Bypoints : The Artist's Way
Inspired by this month's Horton at Large column, CBM's art-loving editor goes to see artist Marc Castelli's watercolor masterpieces in person.  Read this article

Marina Hopping : Slip Into Something Comfortable
Senior editor Jody Argo Schroath finds the good life within easy reach--amenities, shopping and a great state park--after she ties up at the Marina at Marina Shores off Lynnhaven Inlet. Read this article
Cruise of the Month : There You Are!
Sometimes you have to make your fun where you find it, so that's just what Jody Argo Schroath and her daughter do when they're becalmed near New Point Comfort Lighthouse.

Angler's Almanac : Big Boat or Small Boat?
John Page Williams tackles this perennial conundrum by talking with a fishing charter captain who's had plenty of experience with both. 

Horton at Large : Truth in Painting 
There's no better path to truth in art than getting down and dirty with your subjects. And, says Tom Horton, there's nowhere you'll see that lesson more clearly exemplified than in the work of renowned Bay artist Marc Castelli.

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