May 2011

To Richmond, James . . .  » Nearly 90 miles up the James River from Hampton Roads, Richmond is a fine destination in its own right, says Paul Clancy. Ah, the trip up the twisting river, rich with historic and natural charms. That, as the saying goes, is half the fun.

Dammed If You Do, Damned If You Don't Part 2 » In the second installment of her treatise on the Conowingo Dam---the Bay's very own 800-pound gorilla--senior editor Jody Argo Schroath gets down to the sedimentary nitty-gritty of why this Susquehanna River dam is both our friend and our foe, environmentally speaking. Read this article

Now We Are 40 » With four decades of publishing now officially under our belt, we take a moment to look back over the years and see how much we've changed--and, in many ways, how we are still very much the same as when the first issue of "Bay" rolled off the presses in May 1971. Read this article

Bypoints : Ah, 1971 . . .   
It was a verygood year, our editor recalls--to the extent that he recalls anything from that long ago. Read this article

Nautical Know-How : Glancing Sideways
Yes, it comes with a bit of a learning curve, says John Page Williams, but mastering reading side-scan sonar is well worth the effort when you can see what surrounds your boat beneath the surface.
Marina Hopping : A Bang-Up Job
Ducking into St. Patrick Creek to avoid a bumpy ride on the Potomac, Jody Argo Schroath and pals become the first transients to stay at the newly refurbished Coltons Point Marina.
Cruise of the Month : The Ins and Outs of Bodkin Creek
Following a glowing recommendation from cruising friends, Jody Argo Schroath visits Bodkin Creek. There she finds a surprising number of boats, anchorages, a good crabcake and the revelation that having a powerboat can be a good thing.

Bay Journal : Going Viral
Every waterman knows he will lose a soft crab or two in the peeler tanks. But a new study indicates a virus may be the culprit, not just sheer vulnerability to not having a hard shell. 

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