November 2011

Deltaville On Exhibit  » Marinas, boatyards, anchorages and ship's stores aren't the only enticements for visiting this hotspot on Virginia's Middle Penninsula, says Deltaville denizen Nica Waters. Indeed, the eight-year-old Deltaville Maritime Museum has put the boating town's heart and soul on display, making a trip there by boat or kayak an essential pleasure. Read this article

The Critters Below » From barnacles to sea squirts, rope grass to mussels, there's a veritable menagerie of icky bottom dwellers beneath your boat. Marty LeGrand investigates the Bay's brotherhood of barnacles so you'll know what's growing beneath.

The Little Red Boat that Didn't » Anne McNulty recounts the first voyage of her first boat--a formerly red old clunker with a cranky, smoky outboard. After nearly asphyxiating the dinner crowd at Deep Creek Restaurant, good ol' take-charge Earl comes to the rescue. 

Bypoints : Tech Talk Two
Based on reader response to last month's column, we further deliberate on the changing technology of publishing. Read this article

Nautical Know-How : A Difference in Bottom Think
The charts and instruments may be the same, says John Page Williams, but anglers and cruisers differ greatly in how they use their tools--from anchors to depthsounders.  Read this article
Marina Hopping : What's Old Is New Again
Jody Argo Schroath visits Weaver's Marine on Back River, impressed to find that the family business has been more than keeping up with the times since its opening in 1945.
Cruise of the Month : Losing Battle
It's hard to enjoy all of the wonderful spots on the Little Choptank River when you're being attacked by  plague-strength swarms of biting insects. By Jody Argo Schroath.
Bay Journal : Rich Green, Poor Green
Tom Horton has "greened" both a large home and a small one, on considerably different budgets. He considers the differences, and surprising similarities, between the two projects.

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