October 2011

Annapolis--A User's Guide  » Cruising to Annapolis for the boat shows may seem intimidating. But there really is plenty of room for everyone to drop anchor and enjoy the show. Herewith, our guide to where to keep your boat, where to grab a bite and where to play tourist, should you need a break from walking the docks of the boat shows. On the Waterfront; An Embarrassment of Menus; Diversions and Distractions

Ain't Nobody Here But Us Turkeys » A history of windless races won't stop the legions of dedicated racers and volunteers who flock to the Northern Neck's Yankee Point Marina and the annual Hospice Turkey Shoot charity regatta. Nica Waters, a Turkey Shoot veteran, offers an inside look at the 2010 race and festivities. 

Same Bay, Different Me » When you go away from a place--the Chesapeake, that is--and then come back, things are different, says former CBM editor Wendy Mitman Clarke. But it's not because the Bay has changed; it's because the going away has changed you.

Bypoints : Let's Talk Tech
Not much changed in the publishing world for nearly a century. But over this editor's career, it's been one technological change after another, with one more sea change on the way. Read this article

Marina Hopping : Isn't it Obvious?
Only steps away from mouthwatering crabcakes, Jody Argo Schroath learns that staying at Schooners on the Creek in Oxford, Md., is a great, if not obvious, place to spend the night.
Cruise of the Month : North by North East
While planning a cruise that has to include a picnic, swimming, shopping and good food, Jody Argo Schroath and husband Rick head to the Susquehanna Flats and North East, Md.

Angler's Almanac : Rocktoberfest
John Page Williams weighs in on the fall rockfishing season, lending hints and tips to enjoying some of the best fishing all year.
Bay Journal : Here Among the Ancients
Though you may not trek through any forests in your daily routine, there are thousands of acres of old-growth forests in Bay country. It's there to be explored, says Tom Horton, inspired by a Salisbury University professor's new book on the subject.  
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