September 2011

Crossing Kent  » A visit to Kent Island doesn't have to mean loud boats and rowdy parties on the Narrows, says editor T. F. Sayles. In fact, staying there can be fairly quiet and civilized if you spend your days riding the island's serene bike trails, sipping scotch on the dock at Kent Manor Inn and exploring historic Stevensville. Read this article

The Trouble with Gordon » One would think that a labradoodle, a fine mix of two water-loving dogs, would make a fine boating companion. But, as Annapolis writer Amy Vansant suspects of her otherwise adorable labradoodle, Gordon, maybe some "water dogs" are better suited for the backyard baby pool.

Into the Wild: The Secret in Picking Creek » The Wye River's creeks are many and splendored, each more gorgeous than the last. But when Diana Prentice found out about the Bay's own Audubon Center, she figured that Pickering Creek, off the Wye East, might be more than just a convenient spot for a U-turn.

Bypoints : Up a (Deep) Creek with a Pontoon Boat

At a family reunion on Deep Creek Lake, our editor has his first out-of-watershed pontoon-boating  experience. Read this article

Marina Hopping : Touch and Go
Middle River's Long Beach Marina is the place to go for the plane-spotting cruiser. By Jody Argo Schroath.
Cruise of the Month : Relaxing in a Parallel Universe
Jody Argo Schroath winds her way up the Chickahominy River to Colonial Harbor Marina, a place she's never been before, but which makes her feel she's been there all along. Read this article
Angler's Almanac : Breaking Fish
Even after a day of fishing with good buddies and fishing pros, John Page Williams knows that finding schools of feeding fish is easy. Staying with the feeding frenzy, though, is a learned art.
Bay Journal : A New American Chestnut?
Tom Horton looks at a tale of restoration hope, that of the American chestnut tree. It was all but wiped out by an invasive blight in the first half of the 20th century, but after decades of careful breeding efforts, it may well be on the verge of a stunning comeback.
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