April 2012

Putting the Inns in Irvington » His new sailboat wasn't quite ready for the trip, but that didn't stop writer Paul Clancy. He took his dinghy to Irvington, Va., for a fresh look at the town's two excellent but utterly different inns, and it's up-and-coming boatyard and marina. Read more

Dark Arts » Senior editor Jody Argo Schroath visits Colonial Beach, Va., during its weekly Friday Art Walk. She finds a surprisingly large and close-knit community of artists, many of them transplants, in the old Potomac River resort town.

Fearless Fishing Forecast 2012 » The waters are warming, the fish are spawning; it's time to break out the spring tackle box. CBM fishing guru John Page Williams gives us the inside skinny on what will be biting and when this season.

No Way to Speak of Power » Tom Horton ponders how utterly different we humans are from the rest of the natural world when it comes to marshaling and consuming energy.

Bypoints : What Winter?
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's spring. Really, we're sure. We checked the calendar and asked some scientists. Read More 

Marina Hopping : Third Time's the Charm
After passing by several times en route to Chestertown, Jody Argo Schroath finally stops at Rolph's Wharf Marina for a romp with Skipper at the dog-
friendly beach, a great meal and a relaxing evening.

Cruise of the Month :  Way Up South
After seeing that Bay cruising guides say very little about the South River beyond the Route 2 bridge, Jody Argo Schroath sets out to explore Gingerville, Beards, and Broad creeks. Read more

Angler's Almanac : Winter Reading, Thinking, and Perching
John Page Williams discusses Chesapeake Light Tackle, a good winter read, and yellow perch, a good winter catch.

Bay Journal : Hard Times Ahead for Eelgrass
Rising water temperatures and continuing water quality problems mean trouble for the Bay's once abundant eelgrass beds. By Carrie Madren.